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Patching and updating for home and corporate

We all are well aware of the Microsoft patches and windows update.  Same goes for those of us who use itunes and iOS devices, we know Apple Software Update.  Some of us may even patch our Adobe products, which we should since they have been the largest attack vector ( for the past 2 years hands down.  This is just at home.... How do you expect the security experts to keep on top of all of these patches in a corporate environment.  The number of patches for Oracle alone is daunting to understand and analyze. There are ways to do this, you can use some clever software which I will outline below, or you can read ~25 RSS feeds and analyze vendor security bulletins.  I do enjoy doing some of this, but I don't have time to keep on top of all the releases.  Here is some software for home and corporate use to help manage this. Corporate Patch Management: Microsoft WSUS and SCCM - This is free and a no brainer for patching your desktops in a corporate environment.

Antivirus and Antispyware for the Home and Corporate user

Since endpoint protection is of growing importance in the security industry, you will see some major technical advanced this year.  I expect this to be one of the hot buttons for acquisition as technologies such as whitelisting and more connected heuristics create a more advanced software landscape. Since I have quite a bit of experiance and I do keep on top of the industry I believe that I should outline some of the tools I recommend in both cases. One side note, I do not use MacOS so I cannot recommend any software for Macs.  If Apple can apply some of the success they have had with iOS to OSX then I may have to spend more time thinking about them on the PC front. Corporate AV/Antispyware: Mcafee - Does a good job with a suite, but ePO is still a bloated tool which is hard to manage effectively without creating gaps. Symantec - I don't recommend the products for endpoint protection, in my experience I see too many missed viruses with the product. Trend Micro - Does a go

Time to move on, and time to learn

Sorry its been a while since I have posted last.  I decided to move on from my previous position.  I learned at a lot there, but it was getting somewhat slow the last 6 months.  My skills are better used for more complex problems that the IT world is facing.  I have had some pretty interesting discussions and interviews in the last week.  I was hoping to enjoy my unemployment a little bit more.... maybe after my offer is signed. Some non-technical notes, since I have a diverse set of skills I find my resume geared towards one type of career path and not another.  This limited my opportunities to "get in the door" for some positions I think I would be well suited for.  I have started by making some more detailed and targeted versions of my resume which are geared towards some of the other fields that I have experience in. I wish there was a better way to manage and express all of your skills without having a 15 page resume, or 4 versions that are mostly the same.  If anyon