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Week in review – Hosting Move planning, and other projects

Had a productive week, and didn't kill myself. I write this from the office on Saturday, I am working on fixing our fileserver which isn't configured properly (on the disk config). I and a colleague booked a trip to Geneva for 12/2 for 10 days. We finished getting everything out the door for that work, aside from the f5 cluster, which we are still working on. We swapped our two production boxes out for a loaner on Wednesday, that went ok. We are still working on our new hosting contract in Geneva. Everyone wants no downtime, but we need time to build the environment. I didn't have the cash to buy everything, so we have to do some shuffling of equipment. Much of that is repurposing machines with ESXi and moving the old machines to VMs. Other projects we are working on include a Microsoft licensing deal, new web conferencing, office videoconferencing, a new ticketing system, and some project planning.

Bad bad week, kinda…

From REALLY BAD to AWESOME J REALLY BAD : We had a little exchange issue this week, which was not recovered from so well. That's fixed going forward. SOMEWHAT BAD : On top of that my biggest project is starting to be realized, which is a datacenter move. That's going okay, but we have some interesting swapping to do. I need to move my f5s this week, and ship a whole bunch of networking gear. I have a Netapp, and lots of servers ready to be installed. BAD: The issue is that my new contract isn't done yet, which is another thing I have to do. I also just realized we aren't going to do managed backups due to the $5k a month they want to charge us, so now I'm ordering a library as well. BAD : Found out we opened a German office without any IT signoff, no firewall, connectivity issues, and the staff there speaks no English. Trying to get my hands on that, but it's a bad situation. Need to order some gear. BAD : We have 4 web conferencing tools in use

Changes at my Company

I'm not running the group as of 2 weeks ago. That means all operations, enterprise, production, networks, systems, etc etc. I have a good crew of guys, and looking to better augment some of our staff. Happy to have been given the opportunity, and looking forward to making an even larger impact than I have up until this point. Lots of things to get in order which are eating my time aside from all the project management, purchasing, and other engineering I also have to do. Its been very crazy. I'll be posting more on some of the highlights of this week as well.