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Showing posts from March, 2009

Cool Skype Addons

We use a lot of Skype at work, and it’s just nice and easy especially with the Skype Polycom speakerphones (, I love them. I was searching for two nice apps for use with skype. We really like Zoho meeting (free 1 on 1), but I wanted something with better features similar to the glance application we use in sales over here. I found this app Oneeko ( which is really slick, and has excellent skype integration. It’s by far the coolest skype/screen sharing type app I have used. I also wanted to record my skype conversations to mp3 versus having to pay $20-$30 to buy an app, I found a pretty decent app called Callgraph ( which works very well and puts all my conversations and meetings into mp3. Now I am all set with my new tools :)

Released new CMS, Wireless

A couple weeks late, but we finally launched the new CMS for our corporate site. Its good marketing is in control of the site now, but the CMS has some major issues. I’m not going to get into the details, but it doesn’t seem like the right technology for most people who want to implement a CMS. We changed our main domain, and further split the marketing site from the application, which makes my team’s lives much easier in operations. Glad to have Coradiant in place, its very handy for these kinds of moves. Also happy that we put in Omniture with this new CMS release. I would like to test Coradiant Edge and the Omniture integration at some point. We have been putting in sonicpoints to replace the hackjob dd-wrt I tried to put into place. I really like that product, and its very nice for my home use, but its got some issues with the N radios I guess, not too sure. Anyways the sonicpoints allow us to control them from our NSA appliances from Sonicwall. Makes security and implem

Updates – Netapp, HP, Coradiant

Our netapp (one of the nodes) is still crashing even after upgrading from ONTAP 7.3 to 7.3.1 . So far there is no advice from netapp on the issues. Obviously I am not happy since this has been going on for 7 weeks now. I just had a meeting with my Netapp rep, and he introduced and assured me the support would be better. I hope this is the case as its been pretty bad so far. Speaking of bad support the HP support is pretty much the worst support of any company on the market. I’ve had so many support issues just trying to get licenses and upgrades for all the HP (Mercury) software that we own for QA. Its been very painful. I’m trying to switch off HP support (aside from software upgrades) but we shall see. Finally got the Coradiant box hooked up in Geneva, and I just did an upgrade this morning to the newest OS. Its working well. I have no idea what’s in the release notes, but I will soon find out 