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Congrads to Opsware

Been a big fan of the direction and type of software Opsware has been working on since I got involved in this area about 13 months ago. The company is really on target for the needs of companies the size of mine. Its great news that HP bought them on Monday. HP is a strategic partner of ours, and I'm very interested to see what the better integration of the products can do. Specifically: Server/App : OVO, Sitescope, BAC, BPM, and Opsware SAS Network : NNM, RAMS, and Opsware NAS What great integration ideas will come of Opsware PAS and its integration with ServiceCenter and Assetcenter. Very interesting ideas, and we should see a lot of good things over the next 12 months. You are now seeing the fruits of the Mercury acquisition in the replacement of some of the weaker HP products with more solid offerings from Mercury. The migration to these products is still a bit of a work in progress. HPs big missing piece is still event management. OVO is good for this, but it's

Network graphing tools

We are currently looking to replace Vitalnet, Ehealth, and MRTG/Cricket/Cacti. The products we are looking at are Netscout (which we have a small install for), Sevone (we have a POC running with them now), Netreo, and Nimbus. We have a specific list of requirements, but we are also looking to have it fill other needs as well. More on this as we better define this. Thanks.

SiteScope, BPM, and BAC

We have both products deployed, and we are rolling to production very soon. We just have a bit more testing to do, and some integration testing with OVO for event flow. Otherwise we will try to push agentless as much as possible. We will only use OVO agents when we need more details stats or script execution. Hopefully we can use Opsware PAS to even minimize the use of those agents.