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Week in Review

Mostly a week full of meetings and other progress, here are some highlights I can think of off the top of my head: Helping the network guys fix network issues by analyzing applications using advanced sniffers and Coradiant tools. Working on integration of events from our UK Netcool systems, the team is normalizing the schema and installing probes, it's a painful process. Lots of reporting requests in Sevone, we are trying to build some end user documentation to help users do some of the work. BAC: Progressing on the port to BAC. Still having a few sporadic data population issues with BAC. Arranging POT/POCs: IBM TPM IBM ITM HP RUM HP OVO Vmware SPI (

Week in review

Spent Monday and Tuesday in NYC, Monday we worked with Coradiant on the cleanup of some of our newly implemented slick BI dashboards. Still have some remaining work to do to finish the cleanup, but we've done a lot of work on the environment this week. About to do some upgrades tonight. We are going to swap out one of our TS-1100 appliances with a TS-1200 next week. Lots of progress on Sevone last week, it's coming around and doing a great job so far. We are also doing some netflow testing as well. We are very happy with it so far. We are merging a couple Netcool instances, which is turning into a chore, just normalizing the schema is painful. Getting agreement is going to be a political battle. We are running a POT/POC in the next few weeks looking at Tivoli TPM/ITM. Looking forward to seeing what these tools can offer us in comparison to HP Opsware SAS and HP Openview Operations. Talk to you all soon!