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Results from software forum

As a result of attending the forum it just strengthened the fact that we need to have a core company who provides us with all of the technology that makes up the core CMDB and ITSM strategy. This include change management, ticketing, monitoring (as a whole). The integration needed between these items is not only important, but vital to having a closed loop process of implementing changes in a non-disruptive way. Other tools which strengthen monitoring, infrastructure management, application dependencies, and other areas can easily be integrated and further solidify the core of the service delivery of the IT group. The only area I am on the fence about is asset management, where something like Radia or even Bladelogic ensures compliance and proper change execution moves it outside of a traditional asset management system into part of the change verification arena. My firm has been buying tools from HP, but has not adopted them across the ticketing, change management, and CMDB areas

HP Software Forum

I have been in Miami at HP Software forum this week learning some good stuff I will be sharing with you guys this weekend. automated fault correction nlayers and where its heading hopefully (how I feel about them in general) CMDB HP's overall vision around ITSM I will be discussing the competition to HP and how they are stacking up. More soon...

Service Desk (Ticketing) and CMDB

We currently use a small companies ticketing system for our IT service desk operations. I will leave the vendor's name out, because the product is not cutting it for many reasons. It can't scale, it doesn't have an open architecture, and its a poor all around product in the area of reporting and integration. We have an old change tracking system, which is quite good (especially for its age), but its developed internally, and it doesn't have the proper functionality that we need. I feel that in order to properly implement a full blown CMDB solution that it needs to be integrated fully with change management and ticketing systems. The only vendor I feel that can properly give you that infrastructure is HP. I'm going to be spending a lot of time to understand how their products work together to provide that. If anyone has comments on some other comprehensive and enterprise class companies with that kind of offering I am interested to know about it.

HP Software Forum

I will be attending HP software forum. It looks to be a very interesting show. I need to really accelerate my knowledge of their product line, and this is probably the best way to do it. If anyone is going let me know (in comments).

New position

I accepted a new position at my company. I'll be the Director of Enterprise Architecture. What that means is that I will provide vision, analysis, and evangelism for the groups that cover monitoring tools (IP, systems, network, dashboarding, rollup, soa, etc), CMDB, change management, ticketing, and level 1 support. This includes the current state and forwarding thinking ideas around how to structure out tools and integration. I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking over the last 2 weeks. I will be posting more as I get my thoughts in better order.

BI and next gen reporting

You say reporting, and people pretty much say : Microsoft Reporting Services Crystal In reality big companies need to invest in real Business Intelligence (BI). The business people need tools like these to analyze the metrics, build proper reports, and good dashboarding tools. My company has been trying to do this on the cheap. We are starting to realize we need a full blown OLAP based tool. The real issue is going to be finding the right experts in this area to help select the proper tools. These tools are very complex and far reaching. Once you pick one, that will be the vendor you are in bed with. Its a serious decision, and I hope I can make it happen. This will take the standard web analytics tools and turn them into real tools which allow for the understanding and mining of any type of data, and not just web traffic. This is very interesting technology that will help with the information overload we are dealing with.