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Password management

Personally I am a big fan of proper password management procedures. For my personal data I always used the open source tool Keepass ( ) for my passwords, but it was always missing two items: Better browser integration (I know you can use the form filling plugins, but they aren't very well done or supported) Distribution (I know you can use dropbox or something else and it works fine) For my encrypted data I always built hidden share volumes using another open source tool Truecrypt ( ). The product works great, but I find that I need to encrypt less and less of my data these days. I just replaced them all with Lastpass ( ), which is a very impressive product. It integrates with pretty much every major browser out there and it's all centralized and allows for web access for all of your data. It allows for import from pretty much any browser database, or product (such as keepass). Its $12 per year for premi