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Market Share or Market Adoption?

End user experience monitoring is the most important dimension of APM. In order for IT to become business and user aligned they must understand user experience, user journey, and their customer and user constituency. Gartner’s recent APM survey “Survey Analysis: End-User Experience Monitoring Is the Critical Dimension for Enterprise APM Consumers” by Cameron Haight finds the same thing; 46% of survey respondents ranked end user experience monitoring as #1. I found the same thing across the thousands of end user calls I took as an analyst. We’ve seen massive shifts in open source over the last decade, driven by highly robust projects driven by dedicated companies and individual contributors. Open source causes issues when trying to judge market opportunity. The analyst firms focus on looking at revenue, but there is an untracked ecosystem out there. The best way to analyze market share and market opportunity, and many times what execution should be is to analyze what is actual