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I've onlyr eally delat with a couple scalable NASes, and the EMC Celera was a nightmere for many reasons.  I always did like Netapp, they work well and are easy to manage.  Now there are the "next gen" NASes out there, at the new gig we need something good, which can scale easily and run clusters off MS and Linux technologies.  I was looking at the following "cool" vendors.  Has anyone used these before? These are in order of which ones I think are coolest: Isillon - I know we have some at my current company, and they work well.  Nice product, no idea on costs. Onstor - Seen these guys when I was looking at 3par, product looked good, cheap, and solid. Netapp - old faithful is something thats good with storage :)  Easy to find people who've used it.  Who hasn't? Bluearc - seems good Ibrix - Looks interesting since you don't need to buy hardware, but might be too "out there" Pillar - looks okay...

News time- Moving jobs and moving locations

Now that I told most of the people who I work with, and the vendors who I deal with often.  I've decided to accept a position at a very exciting startup.  The company is located in Atlanta, so I'll be moving down south.  It should be interesting since with the high growth Atlanta is not as "southern" as it could be.  The company name is ( and its a very interesting business.  They match up companies who want to have parts manufactured with manufacturers.  The kicker is that they have a good presence in europe, and a large presence in China.  It allows for smaller shops to get the benefits of the big companies regarding leveraging the global economy.  It has some very high profile investors, and has a profitable, and fast growing business. I will be doing all kinds of infrastructure work there.  There is a hot list of major issues which I hope to start to tackle right away, but I'll be moving back into a role further from the tools and techn

A bit crazy

Sorry I haven't updated you all.  I will be updating on Friday.  Mostly its to announce something which I am going to be undertaking.  It should be interesting, and a bit of a shift back to my roots. More on Friday!