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Sonicwall 5.8 New Features

I'm very impressed by all the new features that Sonicwall has added to v5.8.  I spoke to Jock Breitwieser and Eric Crutchlow who gave us a nice overview of some of the features.  I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything as there were quite a few changes.  There are even more NG (Next Generation) Firewall features coming this year in v6.0.  Sonicwall has been a great vendor for us, I am very happy we moved to their platforms. Here is some of the new features (screenshots) with some explanation above the screen capture. Before you can turn on the netflow sender (and built in netflow collector) you need to consider the impact this will have on your firewall.  You should keep an eye on your CPU and ensure you aren't running above 50%, or you will probably have CPU contention issues.  You also need to be aware that the memory usage of the netflow database and visualization will reduce your peek connections.  This model is a NSA 3500 (