Friday, August 29, 2008

Week updates

  1. Been working on a F5 which is having issues. I was going to reload the OS, but I think I can fix it. Still working on it. Waiting for a reply from support.
  2. Finally figured out a way to export from sharepoint collection, and import them into the root collection. Something I'll need to do before we can reorganize the structure of our sharepoint here. I should have this finished early next week. Have to schedule some downtime to do the export/import.
  3. Got my first ESXi machine, with the embedded hypervisor. Me and Jamie will rack it up and get it running on Monday, they we should be good to start loading the backlog of about 5 VMs to start.
  4. Should be making a decision on NAS and Firewalls next week. Have to nail down the specific configs and pricing.
  5. Threw SQL 2008 (DB, SSAS, Report server) on my development box, seems pretty cool so far.
  6. Completed the implementation of DB monitoring and machine monitoring on production and enterprise hosts.

I think that covers this week's major project work. Still also doing some of day-to-day work, fixing things as needed.

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