Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The fun begins

I had a smooth 15.5 hour drive down to Atlanta from Boston on Saturday. I have to do it again with my girl, cats, and other car in a couple weeks. Just working on renting my place in Boston, should be done in a couple days.

I got my place on Sunday, which is awesome. It's on Grant Park, and It's huge and empty. The city is great, and I'm doing a reverse commute.

I've been digging in on some things (yes its only day 2)

  1. Looked at some network issues, but I haven't determined anything really yet.
  2. Sharepoint migration plan from SQL Express to SQL Standard.
    1. Temporary VM setup for testing
    2. Purchasing a proper VMware box for real dev VM
  3. Looking at some NAS vendors, and putting together a requirements plan. I will post that once we nail it down today or tomorrow.
    1. Support for Virtualization (ESX clusters)
    2. Exchange clustering
    3. SQL clustering
    4. Located in Geneva development, Colocation, and Corporate office for DR/replication of data.
  4. Looking at deploying www.dd-wrt.com and integrating our wireless into AD with enterprise WPA. Should be fun and easy to do.

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