Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Recap of week 1.25 :)

So first week on the new job, and making some good progress. I am learning the infrastructure and some issues that have been bothering us. We have done the following items:

  1. Monitoring
    1. Redid the Coradiant Truesight setup to better catch items and view backend information. Got visibility to additional network areas.
    2. Implemented Solarwinds IPMonitor. We are installing it at the colo and at our enterprise office.
    3. Testing Idera DM, deciding if it will work for us. We need better DB monitoring and diagnostics.
  2. Infrastructure planning
    1. Did initial grading of clustered scale up/out NAS solutions. I will post more details as the project progresses.
    2. Did requirements for new firewall solutions, still have yet to nail this down and grade them.
    3. Built plan around fixing exchange, and moving to a multi-site international infrastructure on Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007.
    4. Started planning a DNS revamp, and proper split domain configurations.
    5. Working on a new wireless implementation as we speak, using dd-wrt and integration into AD with WPA.
  3. Ops
    1. Debugged issues going on with production website.
    2. Reviewed and did some updates on the Akamai configuration.
    3. Implemented VMware environment for HP Quality Center testing, have yet to have QA fully test the buildout.

I learned about the platform, and the upcoming new version of the platform. We also started looking at NBA/IDS systems such at Mazu and Q1Labs. Its not high priority, but it would help a lot with security, and the ability to diagnose network issues, and non-http issues. I really wish Coradiant would view SQL response time…. One can dream.

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