Thursday, October 19, 2006

Datacenter automation status

Over the last week, I have been testing the CA Server management and CMDB product, as well as Bladelogic. Both products are good, but have their downsides. I am evaluating 4 products, and narrowing it down to 2 in order to deploy on a real QA/staging environment. The criteria we are testing on are as follows, each has a weight as well. More later:

Requirement Sub-Feature
Network Option
Track network device configuration
Create policy for configuration standards
Visualize relationships between servers
Visualize relationships between server and network
Track dependencies of servers and websites
Software Deployment
Support for MSI, RPM, and Sun Packages
GUI for creating Packages
Search and replace
Reverse engineer files into packages
Notifications via SNMP and SMTP
Download patches, deploy, and rollback patches
Create a policy of patches
Hardware asset collection
Collect data via DMI
Collect detailed information
Software asset collection
Collect software revision and install details
Collect how often and for how long software is used
Reporting capability
Export to PDF,XLS
Report on compliance, changes, and activity
Open database with views that make it easy to query
Multiple Datacenter capability
Ability to have proxies in datacenters/envs
Ability to have decentralized control over envs
PXE deployment
Provision OS and policy in one job
Monitor and track configuration/policy
Create policy off Live including patches and settings
Track compliance to the policy
Enforce the policy
Track changes made outside the product
Prevent the execution of a specific exe or file
Manage users and services
Manage local users across servers
Replicate credentials to other servers
Manage services in real-time
Verify status of services in real-time across servers
Verify services port usage
How easy is the product to administrate
How easy is the product to use
How easy is the product to configure and setup

Thursday, October 12, 2006

BI BI my oh my

I've been really absorbed in my BI project. The problem is that one of my tools is really fast, but requires a lot of development and building. The other tool is REALLY slow, because its runs all of its queries on demand. They told me they can fix it by pre aggregating like the other tool does. Hopefully it will, but you never know.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Datacenter Automation

I have a lot of things going on including POCs with CA, Bladelogic, and Opsware to deal with asset management (displacing another tool) configuration management, centralized credential management, and deployment. By testing these main areas we can figure out which product we want to deploy on around 4,000-5,000
of our servers. We need a better handle on change and configuration. It will improve the quality of our products and make reporting changes and noncompliance easier across the board. We will be able to fix things faster.


Sorry about my missing in action. I have been ignoring my blog and working a lot on finalizing my POCs with the BI vendors. I am paying attention again to my blog and will be writing more. Just got back from 2 days in NYC. Here I sit in my office on Friday night at about 7pm.