Sunday, March 5, 2006

yum or apt-get?

I have been a avid FreeBSD supporter, and before that NetBSD. I started using NetBSD in 1995, and moved to using mostly FreeBSD in 1997. At work as I moved to larger and larger companies, I used way more Linux (Aside from the 80% Windows). Getting more and more busy I started to appreciate the simplicity of Linux and upgrading versus the painstaking upgrading in FreeBSD. Yes FreeBSD is better, but do I have time to compile all of the software and kernels, and do upgrades which are multistep?

build world
build kernel

versus a single command like yum or apt-get?

I really like yum in comparison to the other Linux upgrade systems that RedHat has used before. The problem is that you can't use Yum to move from something like Fedora Core 4 to Fedora Test 5. They say that they are adding this functionality into the upgrade system, but it will be beta for a while, and not really trustworthy yet.

This is why apt rocks, and there is nothing that does as good as job. Its tried and true and just plain works well. The alien commands to rebuild rpms and such works like a charm (not 100% accurate). That's why on my personal servers I run Debian, and love apt. That's where I am now on the lay on the free *NIX land.

Let me know what you guys think?

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