Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I live in Boston, but I have to go to New York a lot for work. The joys of day trips. So I had meetings this morning from 8:30am until now... around 2pm. I have been talking to a lot of people about some of the work I am proposing we do around here:

1. Fix entitlement systems - replacing them with off the shelf software (SSO and IM).
2. Figure out application dependencies - by using tools like nlayers
3. Build a SOA management infrastructure - by using tools like Actional and Amberpoint

Figure out how we are going to build a CMDB with the data we get from these tools. What vendors are good for CMDBs.

Any advice on CMDBs?

Can any of the SOA tools build the dependency maps? From what I understand and have been told by vendors they will build some of these maps. At least logical layer maps, that's a good first step.

I need to figure out how to feed this data to our business folks and give them usage, cost, and consumption numbers. If we can do that then we will really be making progress on this stuff.

This goes into monitoring and moving from active monitoring to passive and real-time monitoring. Understanding behaviors and anomalies or stastical deviation as an alarm. Move from building manual monitors into actually monitoring the behavior of a lot of metrics and then alerting based on changes of those. These are forward thinking ideas that we need to bring us into a proactive and predictive mode from a reactive mode.

How about product usage analytics capability and usage tracking. That's another project I am working on. Many proposals on the table here.

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