Thursday, March 2, 2006

Why is WebLogic so complex? These app servers just have no simple way to manage and configure them. I haven't used WebLogic since version 7. Now I'm dealing with a port from an ancient Netscape Application Server (version 2.0 or something) to WebLogic 9.1.

We have a site license for the BEA products, so that's the strategy that we are moving towards. Makes sense to have a common app server.

You'd figure these J2EE app server companies would simplify configuration and then enable the "advanced" configuration for the small number who need to do that. Compared to Jboss and Resin these servers are just poorly designed and overly complex.

Microsoft seems to have it down right on IIS, when is the Java world going to simplify things, so that the common user doesn't have to mess with 100 dials to make a simple web-app work?

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