Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in Geneva

Just wrapping up a week of pretty intense work here in our datacenter, here is a list of some of the fun projects we accomplished.

  1. Disk upgrades to netapp
    1. Netapp locally here in Switzerland went out of their way to fix issues caused by my purchase in the US. Last time I buy in US and ship overseas.
    2. Netapp also looked over the system and made some very good corrections and suggestions, much appreciated the great customer support.
  2. Reconfigured network
    1. Move 10GE to other subnets
    2. Change netapp network config
    3. Several other additional cables and infrastructure was built out
  3. Firewall Upgrades
  4. F5 Upgrades from OSv9.4.3 to OSv10.1
  5. Install 3 New VM Servers
  6. Install memory in systems (DB, VM)
  7. Cleanup of office, and build other infrastructure
  8. Major failover testing of netapp, firewall, and loadbalancers

Now we are trying to get home with the volcanic ash situation in Europe. It looks like we will be driving our rental car to Barcelona, and taking a flight from there. Should be an interesting little side trip.

More fun later, glad to have a little break after working crazy hours the last week. J

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