Friday, April 30, 2010

Tridion Upgrade 2009 SP1

We have decided after some pain to give Tridion another go over here. We have some really sharp guys helping us from the firm, and they have helped us immensely. We just upgraded to the newest version, and after the struggle to get it running initially it's gone very smoothly and simply. Within a couple hours we moved everything over to the new version and its working flawlessly. It was very simple and good to see the quality of the installers. They handled pretty much everything without any additional manual steps. We are looking forward to moving to the new version later this summer as we beta test for them.

    Lots of the issues with the product were due to the implementation that was designed for us. We will be redoing our site and building it properly using the new version. I think with proper guidance and a good technical team we will not have the issues from the past. We are also moving a lot of our custom code from the current codebase into a web services layer that will isolate the our code from the main Tridion content. I am looking forward to the project.

    There are lots of other things going on today, new database server swap for our performance testing, and a bunch of other project work. Its good that its quiet in the office as far as non-project work goes.


Doug Foyteck said...

wow! You must have been threatened big time to give such a rave review. Everyone who has used Tridion, have been through their training and/or used their support services, knows that this CMS is a costly mistake. Too many companies have lost their ass with this software. And for some reason everyone who complains gets silenced. It's too bad that it's happens to you.

jkowall said...

Not really, I can post whatever I want. We are canning the CMS, so obviously your insight was correct. I think we "CAN" use it if we wanted to, but we just don't have enough content to even need a CMS (for the marketing website). It just a money pit.