Friday, April 30, 2010

Upgrade Land for Microsoft - Sharepoint / Exchange 2010, and JIRA 4.1

    I have been using Office 2010 for a while, and moved from the preview, to beta, and now I am finally on the release. We decided corporately to stick to 32 bit even when we are on 64 bit windows 7 on our newer systems. The main reason for staying on 32 bit was the all of the addons in the market are written for 32 bit only. When I was testing on 64 bit, I wished I had just stuck to 32. The released version has been stable for the last few days, but I didn't have much issues with the beta release either.

    Now that we have office underway we are beginning upgrades to the other 2010 products we use from Microsoft. The first one was Sharepoint, which we are MOSS 2007 right now. The migration was slightly painful, and here are some of the pointers that I found helpful in the migration.

    The next step is a bunch of testing, and hopefully cutting over next weekend to the new version (5/8/10). We avoided any custom components on our sharepoint, which made the migration much simpler. We have yet to have any complaints with the migrated test data. The new interface is awesome, and works great in Chrome as well. Great job to the Microsoft Team on this product!

    We are in process of an exchange 2010 upgrade as well, we are building out some new VMs and we will migrate the mailboxes over. The work is still initial on that project, so I will post more on that as we go. My colleague is the main lead on that project.

    On another side note, I moved us from JIRA 4.0 to JIRA 4.1. The upgrade was somewhat manual and required some work and planning. The new JIRA interface is very nice, and its good to see them finally changing the old reliable interface they have had for many years. Now if they would only fix the UI for the admin section so I could stop scrolling on a huge list that would be great!


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campbellodeon said...

For your next post, how about detailing how you manage your email workflow. I know there are productivity nerds out there (raises hand) who are curious to learn how you manage so much email without going insane.