Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry for lack of updates, lots of stuff

Have been in Geneva for the last 3 weeks now. Been busy over here getting things in order and making sure we are ready for a major product launch over here. I am also working on some staffing and support issues for here in Europe.

Our CEO was just on CNBC, and he did an awesome job, yay Mitch!

Upgraded our Vcenter servers up to Vsphere 4. The upgrade of the servers themselves went well, but I tried to do a hypervisor upgrade, which failed. I have a case open with Vmware on the upgrade. I'm also have some strange connectivity issue on one of my physical systems. The new product is very cool, the new alarming system is a much needed improvement. Overall very happy with it so far. I am looking forward to testing the performance with the new hypervisor.

Some cool stuff my team has done. Integrated all of our linux boxes with winbind to AD. Its much easier to admin them and control access now, very good stuff. We can give developers granular access to QA and Dev systems now.

We are also building a syslog infrastructure which is similar to the one I built in my previous company. Essentially its a syslog-ng frontend to splunk, where we can forward and log streams as needed. The cool thing is that my sharp engineers at work are figuring it out on their own and learning new stuff in the process. This is the kind of thing that makes doing infrastructure and systems cool.

Working with Microsoft on a spooler issue thats been annoying, printers are so fussy.

We closed a deal with HP to get a bunch of new software. My team will be working on implementing some new technologies to add onto our existing HP investments. We currently use HP Performance Center, HP Quality Center, and HP Quicktest Pro. We added more users into Performance Center. We also puchased HP Real User Monitor (RUM, which requires BAC... I thought I got away from BAC at my last gig). We also will be implementing HP Diagnostics for Java, which should be a very useful tool for us leading up to our new product release.

That should do it for now :)

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