Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Issues with Tridion

Updated on 7/24:

We use the tridion CMS, which is a high end CMS product, we have had a lot of trouble with the product in the past. ( The content manager is a strange beast which uses a combination of vb, .net, and other technologies. Its always breaking, and is not reliable. We need to debug messed up stuff on it on a regular basis. We have the systems under change control, but it still seems to manage to break easily. The good news is that it spits out generated jsp pages, which seem very reliable running on Resin application servers.

The support is always excellent and responsive, which helps us deal with code issues that we have with development. In the last case they actually went out of their way to get our content database and replicate the issue pointing to our code. This is something that few vendors would do for a small customer as we are. It still doesn't make up for the strange design of the system. I am not sure if this is related to our implementation or a problem with the product itself.

Here is a snippet from my emails with support:

It is not supported to run other versions of .Net on the Content Management server - only the version listed in section 2.2.d of the "SDL Tridion R5 Product Prerequisites 5.3.pdf" (Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0) document are supported. Please uninstall all versions of .Net Framework, reboot, and install the supported version.

Last time I checked Microsoft made .NET fully backwards compatible, and even keeps the frameworks in different folders:

For example on my machine:

Directory of C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework

04/22/2009 02:17 AM v1.0.3705
04/22/2009 02:17 AM v1.1.4322
06/29/2009 03:14 PM v2.0.50727
04/22/2009 05:01 AM v3.0
05/18/2009 02:58 PM v3.5
06/29/2009 11:08 AM VJSharp

Since my last post was a bit too harsh, and I didn't credit where I meant to credit I now have to meet with the Tridion folks on Monday... what did I get myself and my poor colleagues into. Oops...

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