Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Move - clear wimax - uverse

I haven't been posting becuase I just moved, and I'm also getting married in the next few weeks, but enough of the personal stuff. Lets get into some good tech talk :)

I have a verzion wireless card in my laptop which comes in handy when I don't have other ways to access the internet. Its a good connection, and usable for working as needed. The main issue is there is some lag/latency in the connection.

We have a clear Wimax device at work which is our backup internet connection if we lose the fiber link. I decided to borrow this connection during my move to deal with my lack of internet. All I have to say is that the connection quality and speed is amazing. The lag is almost non-existant, and the throughput is superb. I can even download a lot on it without an issue.

In my new location I can get ATT uverse, which is similar to the Verizon FIOS connection I had back in Boston. I loved FIOS, and was very sad when I had to move down to Atlanta and get on Comcast. I had a stuggle getting the FIOS installed, but eventually it worked and was rock solid for the duration of my service. It was also about $35 per month less than comcast.

Uverse costs as much as comcast, which is fine if the quality is there. I've had a small struggle so far getting uverse installed, but tomorrow is the big day when my place will be fully provisioned hopefully. I will post more on the quality of the connection and the TV capability compared to Comcast, Verizon (FIOS/Wireless), and Clear.

Another major difference is that on FIOS they ran standard cable from the Fiber demarcation point to the TV, so I used my Tivo HD XL box with cablecards, which was perfect! On Uverse they use a full IPTV device, which means my TIVO isn't going to work, but the picture quality and features should be better. The Uverse box also supports recording 4 channels at once, versus my TIvo's capability to record 2 channels at once.

We'll see if it works well, more on that this weekend.

So I should be posting more, telling you all how it is to deal with vendors and technology we use in every day work and home life.

Leave comments, I like a good dialog!

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