Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updates – Netapp, HP, Coradiant

Our netapp (one of the nodes) is still crashing even after upgrading from ONTAP 7.3 to 7.3.1 . So far there is no advice from netapp on the issues. Obviously I am not happy since this has been going on for 7 weeks now. I just had a meeting with my Netapp rep, and he introduced and assured me the support would be better. I hope this is the case as its been pretty bad so far. Speaking of bad support the HP support is pretty much the worst support of any company on the market. I’ve had so many support issues just trying to get licenses and upgrades for all the HP (Mercury) software that we own for QA. Its been very painful. I’m trying to switch off HP support (aside from software upgrades) but we shall see.

Finally got the Coradiant box hooked up in Geneva, and I just did an upgrade this morning to the newest OS. Its working well. I have no idea what’s in the release notes, but I will soon find out 


Anonymous said...

Why do you say "I have no idea what's in the release notes"?


jkowall said...

Because I didn't get the release notes, but I have them now. Nothing too exciting in it. I hope to test Truesight Edge in the next month or two.

S.McG said...

Yeah, I'd rather have good support than a lunch with HP to talk about why their support is underwhelming.

jkowall said...

All I got was a stinking phone call.. :)