Sunday, March 15, 2009

Released new CMS, Wireless

A couple weeks late, but we finally launched the new CMS for our corporate site. Its good marketing is in control of the site now, but the CMS has some major issues. I’m not going to get into the details, but it doesn’t seem like the right technology for most people who want to implement a CMS. We changed our main domain, and further split the marketing site from the application, which makes my team’s lives much easier in operations. Glad to have Coradiant in place, its very handy for these kinds of moves. Also happy that we put in Omniture with this new CMS release. I would like to test Coradiant Edge and the Omniture integration at some point.

We have been putting in sonicpoints to replace the hackjob dd-wrt I tried to put into place. I really like that product, and its very nice for my home use, but its got some issues with the N radios I guess, not too sure. Anyways the sonicpoints allow us to control them from our NSA appliances from Sonicwall. Makes security and implementation easier and faster. They are also very cheap, so that’s another positive. Trying to get them rolled out fully this week. Bought some for our Geneva office too, I’m headed there in a couple weeks.

I also implemented some new Netapp monitoring and such which is also pretty cool.

I’m headed to London on Tuesday night for some vacation and to spend time with my brother and his fiancĂ©. Will be back a week from tomorrow (Monday), so you probably will not get another post for at least 10 days.
Have a good week.

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S McG said...

Have fun in England! I love fish in a newspaper. Sustenance for the mind and body all in one neat package.