Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cool Skype Addons

We use a lot of Skype at work, and it’s just nice and easy especially with the Skype Polycom speakerphones (, I love them.

I was searching for two nice apps for use with skype. We really like Zoho meeting (free 1 on 1), but I wanted something with better features similar to the glance application we use in sales over here. I found this app Oneeko ( which is really slick, and has excellent skype integration. It’s by far the coolest skype/screen sharing type app I have used.

I also wanted to record my skype conversations to mp3 versus having to pay $20-$30 to buy an app, I found a pretty decent app called Callgraph ( which works very well and puts all my conversations and meetings into mp3.
Now I am all set with my new tools :)

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