Monday, October 22, 2007

Traffic Aggregation

We are having somewhat of an issue getting visibility properly across the network traffic. Netflow is useful, but limited in the data it can give you. There are more and more products which really need to see the traffic in order to work properly. I came up with a business case on why we need to do this back in June.

  1. Coradiant monitoring of the traffic

    We seem to miss pockets, and we cannot get a proper view of the backend web server response and quality by looking at data on the edge of the datacenter.

  2. VOIP monitoring

    This will be the topic of my next post

  3. Sniffing and debugging issues
  4. IDS deployment

    We currently have scattered IDS deployments, which we need to centralize.

It's finally gotten to the point where we want to implement it. One of our network guys came up with a nice design using the Apcon switches, and cisco switches to help with multiplexing the data more easily. This will allow us to implement monitoring and spanning during the day without reconfiguring production switches. Its something we really need and will help immensely.

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