Monday, October 22, 2007

Homegrown Tools

Due to recent organizational changes, I am working closely with other parts of my business. At the same time we are buying another large company. We now have 3 strategies involved in the company that I find very interesting and conflicting at the same time. I know that I feel open for change regardless of direction. It just needs to make sense financially and have a solid technological foundation. It needs to meet the needs of the consumers of our tools internally and externally.

One of our divisions moved off IBM tools for server monitoring, to modified open source tools. The products are cost effective in terms of deployment to many machines, but they need full time developers on staff. My team uses mostly HP OV products on the systems, but we use a lot of other tools for other areas. We have a very good deal from HP on the agent pricing. The company we are buying is a big IBM shop, all they use is IBM. This means we have 3 camps:

  1. Open/Free
  2. Closed/Diverse
  3. Closed/Single Vendor

Let's see which will win over the next couple years J

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