Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trip to Geneva

I arrived in lovely Geneva on Tuesday morning, and let some of the guys, as well as one of the engineers who works for me here. Great cool city, reminds me of Banff. We spent some time in the datacenter preparing, and getting acquainted with the staff and facility. We unpacked all of the gear, around 4 tons total, it was a lot of work. Today we started racking and configuring after working on some stuff in the office first. Trying to install some new DCs, access points, CA, and RADIUS authentication for 802.1x using dd-wrt. Still need to finish this work tomorrow, we also have Netapp coming in to finish the configuration of the new FAS3040s we bought.

Had a great dinner with some of the guys here in France, and doing a bunch of work tonight to catch up. More as we progress, I'll be here for another 8 days working on the datacenter.


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