Sunday, December 14, 2008

Been in Geneva doing a datacenter build out

Built out our new datacenter, I was in Geneva for the last 12 days. We are getting ready to move our US hosting facility to Geneva to get ready to merge the MFG and sourcingparts environments. Its going to take several months overall, but the first steps are going to occur in the next few weeks. Everything went really well, we installed and moved a lot of gear, servers, F5 Big-ips, (Unknown Vendor) HA firewalls, and a nice Netapp 3040 dual head cluster.

The only issue was that we got a quad 1gig card in it versus the 10G copper card we wanted. Netapp only makes a 10G fiber card, so we had to buy different switch modules as well. Netapp ate the extra cost on the cards for us, which was nice. We also can't run LACP on the 10G fiber cards, so we lose switch redundancy.

The Netapp is currently serving Vmware ESXi over NFS, and it screams. We also are using iSCSI for our MSSQL clusters. The speeds on Vmware and iSCSI are very good even with the current 4G we are running until we get the new cards in. Working perfectly, and very happy about it.

The new network and server design is nice and clean, and its working perfectly as well. Still have a lot to build in the 1st environment we are working on, as well as the other environments we have to build out. Going to be back in Geneva to finish the last physical moves in Feb or so, but we'll be doing things remotely, and moving as much as possible as well. My team over there has been doing great, as well as the US team who was responsible for most of the implementation and design. Great job to all parties involved, I'm very excited by the progress, and the flexibility we'll have with our new 70 disk Netapp system, networking improvements, and the larger Vmware environment.

More later.

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Wow this is so exciting Jonah!
Thanks for sharing!