Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Conference Updates

I am speaking at HP Software Universe in June in Vegas. It should be interesting. I am talking about our conversion off OVIS onto HP Sitescope, HP BPM, and HP BAC. We are very happy with the new products, and most of all my monitoring customers absolutely love the visibility and clarity these new tools give them.

I am attending IBM Pluse as well in Orlando this weekend. This is my first IBM show, and I'm very interested in ITNM (which we are moving to from NNM in the next 12 months), Omnibus, Webtop, and some of the other IBM tools we use. The show doesn't seem as well put together as shows from CA, HP, or EMC. We'll see how it runs. The venue is definitely questionable… I'm not a big fan of the Disney junk J

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dmcclure said...

Hey, ping me and we can get together for a cold one at Pulse. Maybe we can do a podcast on something interesting you guys are doing or "talk shop" in general.