Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Been a little out of it – Updates on my job

Once again I've been quite busy dealing with the integration of a large company we purchased. They have a lot of major toolset issues which need to be worked through. I feel there are a lot of architecture problems with what they are using for monitoring. Since the project is 18 months old, and not progressing as well they are still sinking money into a sinking ship. Should be interesting to see when they want to scale this back, or actually design a portfolio which is best of breed, versus trying to implement a full solution from a single large vendor. Should be a matter of time…. Then they will ask for my help and I'll be willing to assist. I don't want to be the architect when I can't make major changes to the design which has a lot of flaws.

I am interested in potentially running a transformation group, which would include global reach of automation, virtualization, etc. This would be a new area for us, and we need to get serious with products like HP OO, SAS, and NAS. Leveraging automation across the board would be a huge cost and time saver.

Other than that, not sure where I am off to.

Several close friends, and excellent co-workers have been leaving my company. My thoughts are with you in your ventures, they sound like excellent moves which will promote your learning and horizons. I hope to work with you again, and we'll be in touch on LinkedIn or Plaxo!!!

I also have had several people I work with at vendors who's software has been a great asset and learning experience who have also moved onto smaller upcoming companies. I wish them luck, and I hope to work with them in the future again.


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