Friday, February 22, 2008

Week in review

Hey readers, sorry I haven't been on top of things, but there is too much to keep on top of, and its hard to have time to dump all of this. Now my email has let up…. But the snow is still pouring down I have a few minutes to think and post my thoughts.

We had a great week of progress in my groups on various projects. Here are some of the accomplishments for this week that we had. I will try to post more info on the things we tackle:

  • HP NNM
    • Moved to APA polling, and alarms have been reduced quite a bit.
    • Integration is now working, and defining the paths we want to alarms on.
    • Had some good training, and hopefully the product will start to deliver better value than we have gotten from it in the past
  • HP BAC
    • Still having issues getting events from BAC to flow into OVO for notifications from BPM/Sitescope
    • Implemented a lot of new monitors for up/down to replace some older Spectrum monitoring that was in one of the groups.
    • Looking at RUM in the future, might replace an existing tool and give us better functionality.
  • Sevone
    • Things are in much better shape now, and we are pushing out some additional ACL changes to fix access from one of the Sevone clusters.
    • The install in the UK is progressing well now.
    • The reporting requests are flooding in, so lots of work. We want to educate users to use it themselves, so we can stop being bothered with simple requests.
  • Splunk
    • Working on some smaller issues, the product is bulletproof
  • Opsware NAS
    • Working on 3 annoying/major bugs, making progress on them, support had been slow previously, but thanks to bothering my sales guy things have picked up a lot.
    • I have 2 fixes for some rendering bugs as well, which seem to be in the next patch.
  • Opsware PAS
    • Dev upgrade was botched, but working with support. Will do production once we figure out what the problem is.
  • Vmware Virtualcenter / Platespin
    • Making progress on access and integration. Expanding some of our SQL clusters to take the additional DBs.
  • IBM Director
    • Installed the power monitoring module, its quite nice, same story as everywhere. We have no power.
    • Working on the integration via SNMP into Netcool Omnibus.
  • Netcool
    • Worked on deduplication problems and made other changes. We've been losing events, and its been more problematic recently. This is a major thorn in our side.


Anonymous said...

I too have noticed that Opsware Network Automation System has been slipping in quality over the last year. We are a large ISP and features that were committed to us, were not delivered in the 7.0 release. The recent minor releases of NAS, are getting unstable by the day.

jkowall said...

Our feature requests have been getting delivered to us. I agree with you that the move to 7.0 has been less than stable, but all of the other versions we ran previously were great. The new integration with NNM, PAS, and NAS are very slick.