Friday, February 1, 2008

Sevone and Other new products

We have 2 of our clusters up running Sevone, which is our replacement for some other network polling/graphing systems. The product is excellent, and easy to use. I love the peer to peer data exchange it uses to facilitate a redundant system of clusters. The product is a breeze to deal with. We have found a few bugs, but nothing too bad. The discovery has been running for a few days, and its going quite slowly.

We have another 1400 devices to discover J

Took a look at a few products the last 2 weeks:

  • CA DVSM – Why run this when we have to run virtualcenter too? We are a vmware shop.
  • Solidcore – product is great, but we are not mature enough for it IMHO. It's a good value add for SAS.
  • Sun Ops Center – too immature, and Sun hasn't done well in this space historically. The product roadmap looks like it will be nice in a couple yrs.
  • Firescope – product is too broad, I have tools that do 90% of the features, I just want a good dashboarding and consolidator that is EASY and SCALABLE. I already have one anyways… BAC J

Only have 1373 devices left now!


dmcclure said...

Wow, is it really taking SevOne that long to do a discovery? How long did it take with ITNM (Precision)? Is it doing some other type of deep scan?

Did you look at FiresScope or just their site/content? I still haven't seen beyond the site.

What would your ideal dashboard/presentation layer look like? What capabilities would it have? How would it need to fit into your environment? What would it take to replace what you already have?

Hope all is well, you've been quiet lately!


jkowall said...

its a deep discovery of about 5000 elements, and it walks the full tree. Many of them are remote, and even at customer locations, thus it can have latency.

I got a good demo of firescope.

I am happy with what I have with BAC so far! Looking forward to using the SLM module as well.

Been busy with school, but that is no longer an issue. I decided to stop classes due to the workload.