Thursday, April 19, 2007

Netbrain Workbench

We are using a really cool piece of software called Netbrain. The tool has many overlaps with lots of tools we use and are looking at. It's a really nice "workbench" product for troubleshooting and designing changes. The person who runs the company is incredibly smart, and is a CCIE. It's new and early for this firm, but it's worth checking them out. The product has many interesting ideas and capabilities.


Jerry said...

When you get a change can you post an update regarding how you are using NetBrain and its ROI.

If you are also using Packet Design Route Explorer can you post also on how you are using that too.


jkowall said...

Netbrain is used daily by our level 1 support people. Its also used for QAing changes in the network when we have major changes which may effect routing or more complex sides of the env. This includes MPLS as well.

We are using RAMS (packet designs) we have had a lot of trouble getting it into production, but we are still working on it. The issue is around the number of GRE tunnels we need, along with some hardware issues.

Jerry said...

NetBrain looked like an excellent tool when I saw it. It's nice to hear that L1 is using it daily and that you got it integrated with network qa process. My fear was that it would be like NetSys and only be used by one or two L3 engineers.