Wednesday, April 11, 2007

London and Security/Privacy

I was in London for a week on vacation. I was hanging out with my Brother for his 30th. It’s crazy over there how little privacy you have. There are cameras EVERYWHERE, and where there aren’t they have trucks that drive around with mounted cameras. There are speed cameras, cameras in the cabs, cameras in the tube, and in bars.

Over the last 5 years London has overtaken NY as a financial and banking capital of the world. More deals and companies operate there. The reason is the over regulation of the USA. Much of this is due to SOX and other laws. Now that the NYSE owns Euronext, which operates many of the exchanges in the EU and UK, will we be changing? Will the changes entail moving towards more regulations in the UK, or will the US realize these oppressive regulations are hurting the US economy?

With all of the security and regulations in focus everywhere it’s important to know the landscape. I feel this is getting gaining relevant knowledge. I do this by certificates, studying security, and learning complex systems. The other aspect of this is the law, and regulations. I am working on going to law school part time, but in June I am getting my CISA certification as a short term. I got my CISSP in 2006. Stuff to think about.

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