Friday, January 19, 2007

Application management

I work really hard to get a tool that people need across the organization, and I can’t seem to get any takers for trying it. People are so busy doing the day to day, and they are unable to step back and spend time on making efficiencies. We spend a lot of time chasing issues, and we have no way to audit configurations, servers, and applications. If people were to step back and actually look at the technology hey maintain and support and the tools they use they would have a lot more time to manage projects and a lot less time doing operational work.

I’ve asked my boss to help me work out these issues, and get people to pay more attention. The last thing we need is a took which is in use by our groups in TechOps, but not in use by the application support, qa, and development people.

Another frustrating Friday... i'll be at work until 730 again :(

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