Sunday, August 27, 2006

Predictive Monitoring Tools

I was prepping a POC with Proactivenet, and they were pushing on me using the "Proactivenet" agent on my systems. Deploying another agent was not possible, existing tools and agents would have to be leveraged in order to do the correlation, statistical baselining, correlation, and predictive failure. The ability to absorb metrics and data from HP Openview Operations (Windows and Unix) would not be ready until November. The POC is dead until then.

Netuitive is my second vendor the POC with them is now being scoped and accelerated. They will support the agents that we have already purchased and deployed everywhere (approx 3,000 agents). The tool is also much better because they are looking at the low level metrics, versus the collected data that Proactivenet is using. We shall see as these products are fully deployed and tested.

More soon....

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Bob Patten said...

Jonah - I'm the regional sales engineer for Integrien here in the east. I noticed that you reference Integrien Alive in your blog and are going down the POC road with our "competitors". For Integrien Alive there are really no competitors as we are unique in predictive analytics - I'd like to discuss the solution with you at your convenience. Thanks. Bob Patten, Integrien. (508) 346-3116