Sunday, August 27, 2006

MPLS monitoring and engineering tools

We have holes in our tools regarding our new MPLS network. We have a private backbone almost completed. When finished, sometime Q4'06 or Q1'07, it would have 8 P nodes, ~40 PEs, and ~120 CE. One OSPF domain and one CONFED BGP with sub-AS in each region. All P and most PEs are Cisco 7600/SUP7203BXL running 12.2(18)SXD1 and will be upgrading soon to SXF train. We also have PEs those are 7200VXR IOS 12.4(5)a.

The tools needed are to do provisioning, engineering, and monitoring the VPN links we are building on the MPLS network. We are looking into existing tools we own to see what they cover. I will post updates as we get our list of requirements answered and do more research. The companies we are looking at are : Lucent (vital), Cisco, HP, Opnet, and other smaller vendors.

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