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Results from software forum

As a result of attending the forum it just strengthened the fact that we need to have a core company who provides us with all of the technology that makes up the core CMDB and ITSM strategy. This include change management, ticketing, monitoring (as a whole). The integration needed between these items is not only important, but vital to having a closed loop process of implementing changes in a non-disruptive way.

Other tools which strengthen monitoring, infrastructure management, application dependencies, and other areas can easily be integrated and further solidify the core of the service delivery of the IT group. The only area I am on the fence about is asset management, where something like Radia or even Bladelogic ensures compliance and proper change execution moves it outside of a traditional asset management system into part of the change verification arena.

My firm has been buying tools from HP, but has not adopted them across the ticketing, change management, and CMDB areas.

I have solidified the Enterprise Architecture now, and I will be finalizing this with people in the operations side, as well as the business units to ensure we as an IT organization are going in the proper direction for our customers (the business) to fill the gaps and future innovation.


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