Thursday, June 1, 2006

BI and next gen reporting

You say reporting, and people pretty much say :

Microsoft Reporting Services

In reality big companies need to invest in real Business Intelligence (BI). The business people need tools like these to analyze the metrics, build proper reports, and good dashboarding tools. My company has been trying to do this on the cheap. We are starting to realize we need a full blown OLAP based tool. The real issue is going to be finding the right experts in this area to help select the proper tools. These tools are very complex and far reaching. Once you pick one, that will be the vendor you are in bed with. Its a serious decision, and I hope I can make it happen.

This will take the standard web analytics tools and turn them into real tools which allow for the understanding and mining of any type of data, and not just web traffic.

This is very interesting technology that will help with the information overload we are dealing with.

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