Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The new management platforms

It seems like all of these new platforms are a bunch of best of breed products glued together so that data flows between the components. I know for a fact that HP has been pushing and building its products to work in this manner.

Why build a better mousetrap, and not just put the mousetrap into your product and get the end result and apply it to another input (kill a mouse and feed it to your cat, sorry that's kind of gross).

Its good because I often pick these best of breed companies and execute on them, only to find other companies OEMing the products. This has happened on several occasions to me in the last 6 months. Its funny because the vendor doesn't reveal the OEM, but I can tell either by wording, literature, or by seeing the product and the integration they did.

Companies that are the best in this approach are either learning how to do it (BEA, Bladelogic) or have been doing that for many years (EMC). It should be interesting anyways in the area of Enterprise Architecture.

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