Monday, May 15, 2006

CRM messes - Ticketing systems

I was meeting with the guy that is in charge of the CRM stuff here. He does most of the support, upgrades, and projects around them all. We use some big ugly CRM system (leaving out the name, because I don't like them at all). I have asked his boss a couple times about moving to It would save us a lot of money and time. Its taken 2 years, but they finally listened and are making the plunge. Its good to see that they are finally evolving off the crap they currently support, upgrade and deploy. The project is estimated to take 5 years. They are also moving parts of it (accounting) onto SAP, which is a great move too.

We have a lot of different ticketing systems too. We are trying to consolidate them into one set, but people seem to be moving in different directions. I deal with 5 systems currently. Each of them are pretty poor and overly complex IMHO. Some have bad workflow, some have bad reporting, and none seem to integrate with email.

If i spend most of my time in email or on the web, why can't I integrate those systems into my existing workflow (browser extension, or email based workflows). They all just generate an email and you have to login to see what's happening.

I prefer something nice with email integration like Cerebrus Helpdesk -

Its cheap too!

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