Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time to move on, and time to learn

Sorry its been a while since I have posted last.  I decided to move on from my previous position.  I learned at a lot there, but it was getting somewhat slow the last 6 months.  My skills are better used for more complex problems that the IT world is facing.  I have had some pretty interesting discussions and interviews in the last week.  I was hoping to enjoy my unemployment a little bit more.... maybe after my offer is signed.

Some non-technical notes, since I have a diverse set of skills I find my resume geared towards one type of career path and not another.  This limited my opportunities to "get in the door" for some positions I think I would be well suited for.  I have started by making some more detailed and targeted versions of my resume which are geared towards some of the other fields that I have experience in.

I wish there was a better way to manage and express all of your skills without having a 15 page resume, or 4 versions that are mostly the same.  If anyone has comments or ideas please leave them!

If anyone wants to discuss any openings with me, there is a digsby chat here, or you can email me from the blog.

Now for some technology projects and learning: 

Since I have some free time and feel that I have been off my Oracle game for the last 2-3 years I am evaluating and testing several products.  Expect another post later this week on these products:

1.  Oracle 11g and Weblogic (used these, but it was 3-4 years ago)
2.  Oracle Enterprise Manager - Specifically around the VM management parts
3.  Oracle Linux
4.  Oracle VM
5.  Oracle Real User Experience Insight - Never heard of this before, but it looks interesting!

I am looking at these to see where Oracle/Sun have gone the last couple years, and just as a general educational experience for me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat so I sympathize. The only way I've found is to have 4 different resumes -- but they can't be mostly the same. I try to describe different aspects of my projects that would be interesting to the different jobs in the different resumes. Like the ROI calculator I built a few years back, when I'm applying for IT strategy jobs I describe the 'building business case' aspects but if I'm applying for competitive analysis jobs I describe how I used the calculator to compare different products. Both things are true but I choose which to highlight on a specific resume version.

Hope this helps. Good luck!