Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dealing with Information Overload

I follow a lot of different sites.  I tend to read my news every other day.  I'm always trying the best tools to deal with my data on multiple devices (iphone, ipad) and multiple computers (google crome OS, Windows).  I have found the best combination to be the following:

1.   Master feeds on google reader (works great on any device)
2.   Feeddemon (Windows)

FeedDemon is a great app, it will sync with my google feeds and give me the same view of what I have read and what I have not.  You have a better user interface for getting through all that data.  I also customize the views to work for the way that I want to fly through all my news.  These kinds of user interface tweaks aren't possible with google reader yet, but it will improve.  Google reader is a great app and works great on mobile or desktop browsers.

I always use google chrome as my primary browser, it wins the speed race hands down, and supports the critical extensions I need.  I have moved of Firefox as my primary browser over 6 months ago.  I love the fact that my extensions and data (most of them) sync across every system and even the google netbook.

List of extensions I use:

AdBlock - Version: 2.2.19
Browser Button for AdBlock - Version: 0.0.12
gCast Weather - Version: 2.1.2
Google Translate - Version:
Google Voice (by Google) - Version:
IE Tab - Version:
LastPass - Version: 1.70.11
Lazarus: Form Recovery - Version: 3.0.1
PriceBlink - Version: 2.1
Tweetbeat Firsthand - Version: 0.6.3
Weather Window Beta by WeatherBug - Version: 1.0.5
Woot! - Version: 1.1
Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync - Version: 0.9.0
Yoono Web - Version:


Anonymous said...

I've tried just about everything out there and gone with FeedDemon. Sync on my PC at home in the morning, prefetch on netbook for commute, sync netbook to work computer, and back again at night.

I've only had one or two problems -- missed starred items, incorrect tag quantities in FD -- after a month of regularly syncing from one device to the next as I go.

jkowall said...

Yeah I have been using it for years, I was happy when they replaced the old sync with google reader. Its a great app.

I don't use the starring really. I ended up buying the pro version just to give them some money. I used to own a couple products by newsgator. It looks like Nick got it back from them or something.