Saturday, October 16, 2010

Akamai user conference

Had a good time in Miami for a few days this week, got a lot of good content from the conference. I'm going to go over my notes some more next week, but there are some of the highlights from the show:

New offering
Fraud detection and scoring - Akamai does tokenization removing PCI scope, and they can build a profile on the end users and given them scores.

Cybersource - they are one of the processors of the akamai pci solution.

Edge encryption - Encrypts the data at the edge all the way to the database Only privledged systems can decrypt the data from the database. (might be useful, not sure)

Siteshield - ACL only allowing requests from specific akamai servers (protects against ddos)

ADS - Predictive analytics
Shows the proper ads based on what they are looking at across all sites
Look across 500+ shopping sites, on 160M users
Don't use pixels to allocate ads (slows down the site)

Akamai - Velocitude mobile reformatting on the fly -
Special tagging system which takes content and displays it for the proper device. Resized images and content done on the fly. Includes all data.

2010 - .NET
2011 - .COM

Akamai implement at end of 2010. Ga early 2011.
signed by Akamai. No need to manage it.
Need to look at godaddy. (they do some of our DNS along with Akamai)
Kpi. You make your own key and keep private key.
Look into internally. Microsoft dns support.
Need to start looking into routing ipv6. Check on firewalls (security support for ips and others) lb.
Geolocation for v6?
Look at ipv6 mtu issues
Idea Use Akamai edsgescape for geolocation versus what we do now.
Google support for ga and other tools? We use. Reporting infrastructure.
Q1 2011
Tech preview

Q1 2012
Limited availability
Akamai will nat to v4 for you.

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