Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Battle of the CMS

My company was paying a lot for an expensive CMS system which wasn't working properly, so I had mentioned we should look at Joomlah and Drupal, as some of the popular systems out on the internet. Of course IT wasn't as involved as we should have been, and marketing is essentially forcing us to use Drupal. Then we starting giving some of our requirements and some of the lack of integrated core functionality is pretty disappointing for a proper CMS. I still have yet to see a full requirements list, but I do have a list of half a dozen or so on the operations side surrounding deployment, rollback, and environment management. I hope someone puts together a proper requirements list so we know where the technology will work well and where it will fail.



Eric Knipp said...

The #1 reason why most IT projects don't provide good business value - the users don't know what they want. This calls for an iterative, agile approach rather than a big push for a single deliverable.

jkowall said...

You are right on, but documenting what they know they want off the bat is a good first step. Either way, I know there is a lot missing I want to see, maybe we can fix it with modules, maybe not.