Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JMS queues and Spring problems

We're looking at implementing JMS, which is something we sorely need in order to break our monolithic codebase into small portable non-interdependent (where it makes sense) modules. I leave the code and software architecture to the experts on the Development team, but of course my team has to deal with supporting whatever is designed and implemented, as well as monitoring and managing the services and associated technologies.

Of the products out there, we are leaning towards the open source queues due to cost and the fact that JSM has been around long enough and is a reliable and commonly used technology. One of the major ones we are looking at is ActiveMQ, but we're also looking at Sun, and other alternatives. Any suggestions would be awesome!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, been busy with work and doing all that not so fun internal administrative stuff. I hope to be posting more regularly now that we have a lot of new interesting projects going. Had a great time in New Orleans last weekend, nice job Saints!

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