Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back from vacation and diving in head first!

We had an awesome cruise in the Caribbean with my wife for the last 10 days. I am feeling very good and back in the swing of things. I missed my great colleagues, house, and cats.

1st day back and we ended up seeing some odd packet loss around 6pm in our office. We ended up finding a couple of bad switches, and essentially rewired the whole office. It was a good time. We also put an order in for a couple of better Dell switches that support STP, management, and Spanning. These features are something we really wanted, but we had these crappy web managed Dell switches which cannot do much of anything. It was a fun 16 hour day yesterday, and thank you to Jamie for working so late with me to fix the problem. We still have 1 issue left to fix with the router -> firewall connection, but it should be done tonight late or tomorrow morning.

We have a software push tonight to production systems, should go smoothly, but we keep risking not letting the code settle long enough before we push it.

Also our VM environment is ever growing; supporting our enterprise product is really becoming a major drag on the infrastructure. Still have a lot of cleanup to do on the legacy environments, but It's mostly being pushed back as far as the dates go. We are starting to be too risky on this side of things for my comfort.

Been seeing major Database growth as well, we are doing a online volume expansion using Snapdrive and the iSCSI LUNs we host on the Netapps. Done this before without issue, but there is always some risk involved.

Hope all the readers are doing well, and I will update soon with what's been going on

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