Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Production Java Profilers

I have been looking at java profiling tools. Mostly focusing on the following vendors:

  1. Precise – Good on java, Superb on the database, no RUM capability
    1. Would make a good tool for us, to help upgrade our current toolset of Idera SQLdm (which is a great product as well, but more limited).
  2. Dynatrace – Great on java, no DB, Superb RUM capability
    1. Coradiant brought me into this tool, which I had discounted due to a previous bad experience (about 2 years ago) when the product was very new into the .NET space. Product has a lot of similarities to the way that the Identify Appsight works, where you export a file and the developers open the file and do the deeper analysis.
    2. I also see they just announced the partnership today here :
  3. Wily – Best on java, no DB, not sure on RUM
    1. Put together a great deal for us, but I'm not sure how well the RUM products work, since they are new to the game.
    2. Not sure I want to give up my Coradiant…
  4. HP Diagnostics – Good on java, no DB, no RUM
    1. Best pricing, since we already do business with them, but I didn't see a lot of advancements in the tool since HP purchased them.

So that's the current project, along with a new helpdesk/bugtracking system (JIRA) we are building. We are also doing some additional work on our SEO. That sums it up other than that just the standard engineering work, support, and smaller projects.


Bryan said...

Ever look into Compuware's Vantage Analyzer for Java and .NET?

Give it a shot.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

By the way, I'm a solution consultant for Compuware, out of Atlanta. I focus on End User Experience Monitoring, which has a cool integration for J2EE and .NET monitoring. We can determine what methods are running on the app server when a user experiences a slow running page due to server performance. I ran across your blog a few months ago when doing some research on ITSM methodology. I've been following your blogs through Google Reader.

If you want to get a copy to try out, let me know.

jkowall said...

Yeah I have seen the compuware stuff, its just a lot more expensive, and I don't have any other compuware in house here, so it makes more sense for me to go with Precise, Coradiant, or HP.

Anonymous said...

Wily and Dynatrace are both great products by nearly all accounts. But, take a close look at their overhead and whether you can afford that in a production setting. Ultimately, all of these tools do the same thing, in nearly the same way, but the ability to throttle the amount of overhead is what makes other tools on your list really shine.